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May Day Baskets Quilt

Years and years ago, May 1st was May Basket Day. Folks would fill pretty baskets with spring flowers and gifts and secretly hang them on the doors of their loved ones. What a lovely tradition! This week, Jenny is stitching up a beautiful May Day Basket quilt. It’s a quick and easy pattern using 2.5 inch strips of precut fabric, and it’s just so fun to make! Click HERE to watch the tutorial!


Periwinkle on Point Quilt

The periwinkle is an easygoing flower. It doesn’t require a lot of fuss. Those waxy green leaves and kite-shaped petals just spread and bloom all on their own, filling the garden with low-maintenance beauty. This week, learn how to stitch your own pretty periwinkles into a beautiful new quilt. Periwinkle on Point is made easy with our kite-shaped Wacky Web template and precut charms.