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Plan Your Summer – 5 Simple Summer Quilt Projects

February is the perfect time to start dreaming of warm summer days in the sun. When the cabin fever of being cooped up indoors starts to really set it, take that opportunity to begin planning your summer projects! With summer months right around the corner, now is the perfect opportunity to begin work on wedding quilts, graduation gifts and those fun projects that make us wish for warmer weather! Needing some inspiration? Here are some great summer quilting projects that [...]


Summer School Quilt

From rice-sized gobies to whale sharks as long as two school buses, the ocean is filled with an incredible variety of creatures.  Some travel in schools of up to 3 billion fish. Some “walk” on land. Some live for centuries. But of all the fish in the sea, my very favorites are created with needle and thread. In this week’s new tutorial, Jenny demonstrates how to whip up a sea full of pretty fishes in every color of the rainbow. [...]