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Keyhole Quilt

The first time I bought a car that locked with a keychain remote, I felt pretty special. That is, until that newfangled remote stopped working. But after an accidental trip through the washer and dryer, my key fob came back to life, locking and unlocking the car doors again and again. Lock. Unlock. Lock. Unlock. Finally, I was forced to remove the batteries. I learned a lesson that day. Sometimes simple is best. Who needs a fancy remote when an old-fashioned [...]


Nine Patch Madness Quilt

Have you heard? Hamilton is covered in ice. Literally! The streets are slick as a hockey rink, and the windows are obscured by a thick layer of wavy ice. I can’t get into my car because the doors are sealed shut, but even if I could, I’m sure I’d just slide my way into a ditch! No one wishes for freezing rain, but when it comes, we hunker down and try to stay toasty under a mountain of sewing [...]