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Mini Double Nine-Patch Quilt

The Double Nine Patch was all the rage during the Civil War. Fabric was scarce—so scarce that every precious scrap was saved for quilts. Patterns like the Double Nine Patch transformed all those scraps into true works of art! Back then, these quilts were hand stitched one itty-bitty scrap at a time, but now there’s an easier way! Click HERE to watch Jenny whip up a Mini Double Nine Patch quilt with quick and easy strip sets!


Disappearing Shoofly Quilt

The shoofly block is a 19th century classic. It’s so easy, it was used to teach children their very first lessons in quilting. Now that’s my kind of block! This week Jenny is transforming that easy block with our favorite “disappearing” magic trick, and the results are simply dazzling! Click HERE to watch the tutorial!