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Tile Style Quilt

Have you ever admired a stained-glass window and thought, “That’d make a great quilt block!”  We quilters find inspiration everywhere we look! We see quilt blocks in the facets of sparkling diamonds. We see quilt blocks in patchwork fields of wheat and corn. And this week’s new quilt was inspired by…a tile floor! Click HERE to learn how to transform 2.5 inch strips of fabric into the fabulous Tile Style quilt!


Happy Trails Quilt

Snails come in an amazing variety of sizes. One species is so massive, its shell can be used as a trumpet. Another is tiny enough to fit through the eye of a needle with room to spare! Just like a real snails, a Snail Trail block can be big or small. And with Jenny’s brand new method (courtesy of quilting friend, Kathy), they’re easier than ever to make! Whether you use 5-inch or 10-inch squares, this easy block is fun [...]