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Diamond Chain Quilt

Can you name the notes on a piano keyboard? ABCDEFG. That’s all! And yet, those seven notes can be played in a gazillion combinations to create sonatas, fugues, jazz or even a hearty rendition of chopsticks!  The same is true for quilts. We use basic four-patch-blocks and half-square triangles to create an endless array of gorgeous quilt patterns. This week, Jenny arranged ‘em into a Diamond Chain quilt. Watch today’s tutorial and make this quick and easy charm pack pattern!


Diamond Pavers Quilt

The Diamond Pavers quilt was made for pretty prints. The blocks are so big and simple, patterns have plenty of space to breathe! For this quilt, Jenny used Honey Run 10” Stackers by Jill Finley for Penny Rose Designs. It’s an adorable collection filled with bees, florals, and delicate geometrics. (Don’t miss the machine quilting on this one! It’s a bee-utiful honey bee stitch!)


Night Sky Quilt

There are 100 billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy, and I’m starting to think there are just as many ways to stitch up a star quilt! 4-patch stars, wonky stars, wedge stars, rhombus stars—the list goes on and on!  This week Jenny is working on the easiest star block of all: Night Sky! This pattern is made up of simple half-square triangles, but it’s just as stunning as a whole host of heavenly sparklers! Click HERE to watch the [...]