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Pixelated Heart Quilt

A pixel quilt is just a charm quilt, really. The only trick is planning the layout. Luckily, Robert Kaufman did all the figuring for the Pixelated Heart Quilt, and you can download the pattern for free!  Watch Jenny whip up this pretty project. It’s so quick and easy, she finishes the entire top during the video! (Bonus: You’ll also get a quick lesson on perfecting your ¼” seam!)


Elephant and Donkey Quilt

Pixel quilting is all the rage, but it’s really not a new technique. In 1931, the Kansas City Star published a mosaic elephant pattern as a tribute to a beloved elephant at the local zoo. The next year, a companion quilt was released. This one featured a pixelated donkey named Giddap. Both are cute as can be, and so easy to put together!