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Summer Stars Quilt

Jenny demonstrates how to make a beautiful Summer Stars picnic quilt using 2.5 inch strips of precut fabric. For this project, Jenny chose “Queen Bee” Batiks 40 Karat Jewels by Wilmington Batiks. This quilt combines two of our favorite patterns, Summer in the Park and Wonky Stars, and it comes together in a flash with quick and easy strip sets. Click HERE to watch the tutorial!


Charm Quilt on Point

Turning carbon into a diamond is no easy task. It takes about 725,000 pounds of pressure and 2,200 degrees of heat. So…probably not something you can whip up over the weekend. But if you’re looking to make diamonds out of squares, you’re in luck! The Charm Quilt on Point is so quick and easy, you’ll have those squares standing on their tippy toes in no time! Click HERE to watch the tutorial!