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January 2020 Quilt Planner Download

Most of us quilters probably had a very similar new year’s resolution – create more. Recently, we’ve laid out the steps in helping us reach our creative goals this year: Get organized. Stock up on essential tools & basics. Plan for big events. Make planning simple with monthly programs and planners. Each month, we will release a new printable download to help you stay on course! Get started by downloading the planner for month one below: Enjoy! What’s something you want to try this year?


What’s An Add-A-Quarter Ruler?

Today on “What’s That?!” Wednesday is the Add-A-Quarter Ruler! This handy little tool makes it easy to keep your quarter inch seam no matter what project you are working on. The specially designed beveled lip on this ruler automatically allows quarter inch seam allowance to any angle for your rotary cutter. Great to use when foundation piecing. Plus, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to help fight breast cancer! This handy little gadget is really great when creating [...]