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Mini Double Nine-Patch Quilt

The Double Nine Patch was all the rage during the Civil War. Fabric was scarce—so scarce that every precious scrap was saved for quilts. Patterns like the Double Nine Patch transformed all those scraps into true works of art! Back then, these quilts were hand stitched one itty-bitty scrap at a time, but now there’s an easier way! Click HERE to watch Jenny whip up a Mini Double Nine Patch quilt with quick and easy strip sets!


Tilted Nine Patch Quilt

Legend tells of a restaurant patron who refused his fried potatoes so many times, the chef just ‘bout lost his mind.  “Too mushy. Too thick. Make them again!” demanded the diner. In frustration, the chef cut paper-thin slices of potato and fried ‘em to a crisp. Much to his surprise, the customer was delighted, and the potato chip was born! What a deliciously happy accident! This week, Jenny experienced her own “happy accident,” and the result was the Tilted Nine [...]


Nine Patch and Hourglass Quilt

This week’s new quilt combines two classic blocks, so please be sure to gather all the supplies necessary for both. (You might want to grab a pen. I’ll wait.) Are you ready? Ok, in order to build an entire quilt’s worth of nine patches and hourglasses, you’re going to need: 10-inch squares. That’s it! The end! Finito!