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A sneak peek into the next issue of BLOCK Magazine

Dear Quilters, Thanksgiving is just around the corner… talking about gratitude… I want to talk about the other side of giving, which is receiving. It is often easy to give of ourselves, but it can be difficult to accept help when we need it. I love this quote by Maya Angelou, “When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” It reminds me that in every situation where there is a giver, there is also a receiver… It’s wonderful to [...]


River Log Cabin Quilt

Ever heard of diamond rain? Sounds impossible, but lightning storms on Saturn produce thousands of little sparklers every single year! And here on earth, we can get some pretty remarkable precipitation, too. In 1887, giant snowflakes fell on a Montana ranch; one was measured at a whopping 15 inches! It may seem impossible, but “impossible” things happen every day! This week Jenny is whipping up a little miracle of her own with the River Log Cabin Quilt. Because, while [...]