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Create a Classic – 5 Easy Quilt Patterns Inspired by Classic Quilt Designs

Nothing beats a classic. The master level quilts that our grandmothers once stitched by hand with precision and care have never been easier to recreate with modern methods. Many of these patterns are surprisingly simply with just a little effort and dedication, but why take our word for it when you can find out on your own! Thanks to Jenny Doan’s incredible quilt tutorials and patterns, these five time-honored traditional quilts can grace your home as you pass down the [...]


Irish Change Quilt

The Irish Chain is one of my favorite classic quilts, but Jenny’s Irish Change is even better! This quilt was designed for pretty fabric. The 10-inch squares are left uncut, so favorite prints can really shine! This quilt is HUGE! At 101 inches square, it’s the perfect size for a queen bed!  This quilt is delightfully quick & easy! The secret? All those criss crossing “chains” are made with simple strip sets!