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Brighten your Home – Easy Quilting Decor Projects

Admit it, there comes a time in every quilter’s journey where they have to step back and realize they have too many quilts. Fortunately for the quilting community as a whole, quilters are incredibly generous people who give with love and share their talents with friends and family, wrapping them in the warmth of their craft. Sometimes though it’s nice to make something for yourself, stitch in a little of your own creativity and create something that is positively [...]


Mini Rhombus Table Runner Tutorial

What if quantum physics was as simple as 1-2-3? What if landing a perfect quadruple jump in ice skating was as effortless as rolling off a log? What if stitching an intricate geometric pattern of lil’ fabric diamonds was as quick and easy as…oh wait! Wait a minute!  That actually IS a piece of cake!  Jenny’s newest table runner is as quick and easy as it gets. With our small rhombus template, you can zoom through those rows with no [...]


Jelly Roll Rug

Jenny is a whiz at quick and easy quilt blocks, but that’s not the only trick up her sleeve! This week she’s using 2.5-inch strips of fabric to whip up an impressive Jelly Roll Rug! This gorgeous rug can be made big or small—even placemat size. And, of course, you can choose fabric to match any decor. In short, this may just be the perfect project! Click HERE to watch the tutorial!