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Planning for Holiday Sewing Success

The holidays are filled with joy: decorating, baking, singing, and visiting with family and friends– it’s a time for celebration. But we all know that many times the season can also end up very overwhelming, especially when it comes to holiday gift-giving. Sewing can sometimes become more of a chore than a fun hobby as we stress about getting all our project plans done in time. When we move from quilting for fun to quilting with a purpose, it [...]


Free August Quilt Planner Download

It’s August, the Sunday of the summer. Our long, sunny days are coming to an end as we prepare for back to school, dark evenings, and cold mornings. But for us quilters, it’s also the time to start our holiday quilting and sewing! As the “Monday” of year slowly creeps in, stay inspired and organized this month with our FREE August Quilt Planner as you begin all your holiday projects!