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Elephant and Donkey Quilt

Pixel quilting is all the rage, but it’s really not a new technique. In 1931, the Kansas City Star published a mosaic elephant pattern as a tribute to a beloved elephant at the local zoo. The next year, a companion quilt was released. This one featured a pixelated donkey named Giddap. Both are cute as can be, and so easy to put together!


50-40 or Fight Freestyle Quilt

Before 1920, American women didn’t have the right to vote, but you can bet your boots they had opinions! And you can find a record of their political voice in the loveliest of places: their quilts! When James K. Polk ran for president in 1844, he promoted a new northern border for the Oregon Territory at the 54°40′ north line of latitude. Polk’s supporters immortalized his campaign slogan, “54-40 or Fight,” with a quilt block so gorgeous, we’ve been [...]


Highway 36 Quilt Trail

Travel back in time to the 1800’s in northern Missouri for this year’s Missouri Highway 36 Quilt Trail 2018 Passport program. This year’s theme is “Ol’ Trail Town,” with each of the 16 blocks along the trail capturing a bit of life throughout northern Missouri as it was 150 years (or more) ago. Our block for Missouri Star features a train station, which played an integral part in the early development of the town of Hamilton. History of the Railroad [...]