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Five Fabulous Quilting Fads – Right Now.

What are fellow quilters making? Why are these designs and fabrics so popular? Are these trends new or are traditional styles making a comeback? Don’t worry, we’ve found the answers. We’ve taken a close look into the world of quilting to find out what’s trending. Here are are the top five: 1. Stars From Memorial Day to Veterans Day, a star quilt can find itself taking center stage all throughout the year and when we aren’t stocked up on red, [...]


Slanted Half Hex Quilt

During the golden age of cinema, you’d never catch a leading man without his fedora in place. Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, and even Mr. Dreamboat himself, Gene Kelly. They all wore hats, and always with a dapper little tilt. A perfectly positioned angle adds so much charm – even to quilts! Click HERE to learn how to use our Large Half Hexi Template to transform 10-inch squares into a beautiful Slanted Half Hex Quilt! (If you haven’t watched Jenny [...]