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Disappearing Four-Patch Weave Quilt

Spiders are master weavers. Their webs are made with silk “thread” that is the envy of quilters: 1,000x thinner than human hair and 5x stronger than steel! (Scientists think pencil-thick web could stop a jumbo jet!)   They work at a dazzling pace, completing incredibly intricate webs in about an hour. But this week, Jenny is giving ‘em a run for their money! The Disappearing Four-Patch Weave quilt starts as a super-simple 4-patch and then, like all disappearing blocks, we slice it [...]


Star Patch Quilt

What makes a sunset so special? I mean, every single night – just like clockwork – that same ‘ole sun sinks below the same ‘ole horizon. So why do we write poems and sing love songs and treasure every last drop of fading sunlight? It’s all in the details! From the shape of the clouds to the moisture in the air, tiny variations work together to create a show of color and light as magnificent as it is unique! [...]