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Fancy Flight Quilt

What do quilters dream of? Flying geese with perfectly sharp points, of course! But sometimes those points get lost in the seam allowance, leaving your little geese tragically beakless. What’s a quilter to do? In this week’s new tutorial, Jenny demonstrates how to preserve those points with one simple tip. Psst!! This quilt will be featured in the upcoming issue of BLOCK Magazine (volume 6 Issue 5), subscribe to BLOCK Magazine HERE and don’t miss seeing this [...]


Star Crossed Quilt

Spoiler alert! Romeo and Juliet were doomed from the start. It’s right there in the 6th line of the play: “Warning! They’re totally gonna die. Everything ends in a giant ball of disaster.” (I’m paraphrasing, but you get the gist.) Those star-crossed lovers never had a chance! Fate can be a cruel mistress, but not when Jenny is in the sewing room. Her Star Crossed quilt is destined to be a quick and easy success! Click HERE to watch the [...]