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Rhombus Gemstones Quilt

Would you like to make a diamond? Here is my recipe: Add 725,000 pounds of pressure to ¾ cup pure carbon. Bake at 2000° for one million years. That’s it! Pro tip: If you’re short on time, stick with fabric diamonds!  Jenny’s Rhombus Gemstones quilt is made with yardage, 2.5 inch strips, and the Missouri Star Large Rhombus Template. This pretty pattern is quick, easy, and absolutely dazzling!


Easy Fabric Flowers

On Mother’s Day, we shared a bouquet of fabric flowers that bloom year round! We were so excited by your response to this lovely project, that we teamed up with the creator, Missouri Star’s very own, Cassie R., to share a step-by-step tutorial on how to make these easy fabric flowers! Follow along below to learn how to make your very own fabric flowers. These can be made with any fabric (and are a perfect scrap buster!), however, Cassie [...]