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Stitch up a Garden of Quilts This Summer

The Vintage Blossom quilt as featured in BLOCK Magazine Volume 6 Issue 3. Gardening and quilting are the perfect pair, both producing an amazing result with a little time, effort and patience. Traditionally quilters have always incorporated their surroundings in their blocks, so it’s no wonder as to why so many vintage quilts feature flowers! Check out these five incredible patterns featuring flowers and traditional garden elements! English Garden Developing from English landscaping techniques of the 18th century, the style of an [...]


English Garden Quilt

When I think of an English garden, I picture quaint gravel paths that divide shrubs and hedges like strips of sashing on a quilt. I picture drizzly afternoons and neat rows of pretty blooms. I picture cozy cups of tea sipped on quiet garden patios. I picture peace, order, and beauty. This week Jenny has packed all the charm of a real English garden in her newest quilt. Click HERE to watch the tutorial!