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Twist and Shout Quilt

I tell ya, when we were kids, we could twist and shout on the dance floor til dawn. But these days? Well,  twist and shout have taken on a whole new meaning. I bend to retrieve a fallen straight pin. “Ouch!” I turn to empty a snow shovel. “Woah, Nelly!” Yes, with this old body of mine, a simple little twist sure can make me shout! This week, stitch together a Twist and Shout quilt that’s so quick and easy,  you’ll [...]


Pinwheel Picnic Quilt

My very favorite quilts are the kind of quilts that are used and enjoyed. The ones that snuggle a baby or keep Mom warm during chilly little league games. The ones that follow you to the beach and the mountains and dozens of family picnics. They may end up with a smudge or a stain, but these quilts are always the best loved – and so full of memories! This week Jenny is whipping up a pretty new pinwheel quilt [...]