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Beginning Machine Appliqué

Let’s talk about appliqué. If you’ve always wanted to try it out, but imagined it might be intimidating, we’ve got the tools, techniques, and tips to change your mind. Appliqué is a lot easier than it looks – and it looks pretty spectacular personalizing and decorating your quilt! Our newest class at Missouri Star is Beginning Machine Appliqué with Courtenay Hughes. In this online class, you’ll learn approachable machine appliqué tips that will build your confidence. You’ll learn: Fusible appliqué techniques [...]


A Guide to Applique

National Quilting Month has us examining the intricate world of quilting and all the different ways we can make a sewing project so unique! Applique is a fun (and super easy!) way to decorate a quilt with personalized designs and patterns. Appli-Glue or Lapel Stick – Use this to hold fabric pieces in place while hand stitching. Freezer Paper – Draw a design on the dull side, cut it out and lay the shiny side down on the project to use [...]