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How Does Your Garden Grow? – 6 Favorite Flower Quilts

There’s no greater pleasure than sitting outside under a warm, cozy quilt and watching spring flowers blossom on a cool April morning. In an unprecedented time where all of us are spending more time at home, opportunity has presented itself to allow us to take a moment to appreciate the simpler things in life. When is the last time you truly stopped to smell the flowers? Whether you’re inside or out in the garden, adding some flower power to your [...]


Here Comes the Sun Quilt

Are you a morning person? Consider yourself lucky! While the rest of the neighborhood is snoozing away, you get to enjoy one of the greatest shows on earth: sunrise! It only lasts a moment, but those pretty shades of orange and gold are like a cheery “Good morning!” from the sun!   This weekend Jenny is greeting the sun with a gorgeous dresden quilt.  “Here Comes the Sun” is quick, easy, and so much fun to make! Click HERE to [...]