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Behind the scenes of BLOCK Magazine – August 2020

Dear Quilters, This year has been so completely out of the ordinary, and challenging in so many ways, that I find myself simplifying again and experiencing great joy in the things that I have often taken for granted. Now, preparing for the holiday season is less about the hustle and bustle of finding just the right present, but taking the time to help create a warm, welcoming spirit in my home and in my community.  As I contemplate the spirit of [...]


Diamond Terrace Quilt

When Henry Ford implemented the assembly line, he cut the production time of the Model T from twelve hours to just two and a half! The car was the same. The parts were the same. But putting it together assembly-style was so much faster! The same is true in quilting! The Diamond Terrace quilt is made of dozens of little pieces, but they come together lickety-split with chain piecing! Click HERE to learn how to make this quick and easy [...]