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Give Love | Easy Gift Ideas

Nothing says holidays like homemade. Instead of spending all of your time this year trying to figure out what to buy for that special someone in your life, harness all of that creative energy into a unique crafty gift! Handcrafted gifts come from the heart, each stitch placed carefully with love. Remember that when it comes to handmade gifts, Jenny always says “finished is better than perfect.” Wrap up any fears you have about creating a homemade gift and show [...]


Winter Color Guide 2019

Dread the winter no more! Sure, the cold weather can put a damper on the fun things in life and those cold, messy snow piles all over the house can be annoying, but think about all the amazing things this season presents! Things like… Classic Christmas movies Hot cocoa and peppermint creamer Crock-pot meals and hot casseroles Warm, cozy quilts Fuzzy socks Christmas lights and these beautiful color palettes!… CLASSIC BLACK // CHRISTMAS RED // MEDIUM GREY Shown Here: Mini Tumbler Table Runner A monochromatic Christmas is [...]