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The History of 1930s Fabrics

When engaged in a casual conversation about feedsacks with a non-quilter or someone new to the craft who might not be familiar with antique quilts, the picture that often comes to mind is a bag made of burlap, paper, or heavy canvas that has been filled with animal feed. For the lover of antique quilts and vintage fabric, the vision is quite different. Instead of paper or rough gunny sacks, we think of pretty, soft bags made of dress [...]


Triple Play! Drunkard’s Path Tutorial

We’re quilting with curves, but don’t you worry! The Drunkard’s Path block has just one simple seam, and when you master that curve…the sky’s the limit! Jenny’s Design For this month’s Triple Play tutorial, Jenny, Natalie, and Misty each designed a brand new Drunkard’s Path quilt. (I can’t wait to hear which is your favorite!) Misty’s Design These gorgeous projects are made with charms, yardage, and our new Drunkard’s Path template. Natalie’s Design Three tutorials and three different takes on a [...]