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Bear Paw on Point Quilt

They say there’s more than one way to skin a cat. (Ew, right?) I prefer to say there’s more than one way to set quilt blocks on point! Last week Jenny taught one quick and easy way to set a quilt on point; this week, she’s demonstrating another simple method!  She starts with an easy-peasy bear paw block and stitches it up with setting triangles. It’s the perfect pattern for your favorite 2.5 inch strips, and it comes together like a [...]


Quilt Snips Mini Tutorial – Bear Paw Quilt

The Bear Paw Quilt is a darling pattern that uses a 2.5″ strips with a bit of background fabric. These precious paws come together with ease, just in time for the bears to come out of hibernation! 🙂 Click the image above or the button below to watch the mini tutorial of how it all comes together!