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Cactus Carnival Quilt

If I asked you to draw a cactus, you’d probably choose the most cactus-y cactus of all, the saguaro. (You know, the tall fella with upstretched arms.) But let’s not forget, there are nearly 2,000 different types of cactus, and we love ‘em all! This week Jenny is stitching up a desert garden out of 10 inch squares. She’s using several of our favorite templates – orange peels, tumblers, and a cute little petal – to create a dazzling variety [...]


Road Trip Quilt

I love Montana with her endless blue skies. Colorado with her majestic mountains peaks. The excitement of New York. The serenity of the Oregon Cost. And of course, there’s nothing like Missouri’s amber waves of grain!  From sea to shining sea, this country is made up of beautifully unique states. This week Jenny is stitching up an adorable appliqué map quilt featuring 20 of her favorite states. Click HERE to learn how to make a Road Trip quilt of your [...]


Finish Line Quilt

If you ask Jenny, she really lucked out in the husband department. Ron is kind, patient, and incredibly creative. Best of all? When Jenny is quilting, he doesn’t sit on the sidelines; he quilts WITH her! Over the years Ron has cooked up a few great quilt patterns of his own! The Finish Line Quilt is a Ron Doan original, and it’s a good one! Click HERE to learn how to transform a simple Jelly Roll Race into an appliqué [...]