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Happy Trails Quilt

Snails come in an amazing variety of sizes. One species is so massive, its shell can be used as a trumpet. Another is tiny enough to fit through the eye of a needle with room to spare! Just like a real snails, a Snail Trail block can be big or small. And with Jenny’s brand new method (courtesy of quilting friend, Kathy), they’re easier than ever to make! Whether you use 5-inch or 10-inch squares, this easy block is fun [...]


Candy Twist Quilt and Bonus Table Runner

One hundred years ago, Halloween was more about tricks than treats. Instead of trekking door to door to collect candy, kids spent the evening pulling pranks on their neighbors. A little doorbell ditching here, a little property damage there. Frankly, I say bring on the sweets! Everything is more fun with candy – even quilts! This week Jenny is stitching up a delicious Candy Twist Quilt.  Watch for a bonus Halloween table runner at the end, and you’re going to [...]


Quilt Snips Mini Tutorial – Butterfly Blossoms

This is a super fast and fun way to create a Butterfly and Blossoms Quilt using your Periwinkle Template from Missouri Star Quilt Co! Click HERE to watch the short clip and get your supplies!