Little Stitches Wall Hanging Quilt Tutorial

Quilters make the world a more beautiful place. Like clever little fairies with sewing machines for wands, we spread our magic to friends and family, and everything we touch becomes more lovely. A beautiful bedspread. A festive table runner. A big, quilted tote. A precious memory quilt. Today, however, we’re working on a project that is just for you! The Little Stitches Wall Hanging was designed to add a touch a whimsy to your sewing space. Click HERE to [...]


Jumping Jacks Quilt Tutorial

Jumping jacks. What could be more simple? But when you do several at once, those simple jumps can have some pretty amazing effects. Happy little endorphins rush through your body acting as pain relievers and giving you a sense of well-being.  Energy levels rise and focus sharpens. Stress is relieved, and you pretty much feel awesome. In fact, jumping jacks are so good for you, Navy Seals use them in their most intense training regimens! This week Jenny is stitching up [...]


Jitterbug Quilt Tutorial

The Jitterbug was one of the most popular dances of the swing era, but how did it get such a funny name? Turns out “jitterbug” is just a combo of two cute little words: jitter and bug. But put ‘em together and you’ve got a name worth remembering! This week we’re working on the Jitterbug Quilt. And, like it’s namesake, it’s based on two simple little elements: the 4-patch and the half-square triangle. Combine those quilting powerhouses with an extra [...]