I am “Sissy” Celeste Samuelson, the name Sissy was given to me by my siblings as a child. The difference with my company is the attention to detail and the fact that I incorporate elegant designs with fun and bursting colors along with the 5 layer technology I created for cozy comfort living. Quilting is an art and passion for me, My time, energy and most important is the love of the craft I bring forward. Please contact me to custom order your one of a kind quilt and for more detailed information on how to get one. I like to work mainly through eBay as it is what I am used to, however, I obviously cannot make custom quilts for eBay.

From elegant to fun and bursting with color, my designs have you in mind. Making quilts for family and friends has brought me joy and now i am able to pass it to you and your families. To this day they still refer to me as Sissy. Seniors and children are the cornerstones of a family from beginning to the end. In the past, I have created quilts with their comfort in mind. 

I focus on Custom orders, whether it is quilts or dolls if you have a request please fill out one of the forms on this site and I will get back to you as soon as possible and we can work out the order and pricing! My business specializes in quilts but doesn’t stop there. I make custom pillow shams and pillow cases upon request to match your quilt. Fabric dolls for all occasions to kitchen and tea towels redesigned to help your kitchen needs. I sell my own side projects on eBay so that is also where you can find some of my work!

To contact me about a custom order or for any questions, click on the link below!

I do sell a lot of my work through eBay, so if you are not looking for custom work or just want to see what I currently have to offer, please check it out by clicking on the link below!


Stars For Freedom